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Dead and Deader

2013, Series of 3 Photos, Prints, 98  x70 cms

"A series of 3 photographs, which have the common topics of (in)finity, origin, interchangeability. The title photo of two bunnies called "Dead and Deader" makes us think - what is dead? A bunny that used to be alive and now serves only as a trophy, a reminder of hunting? Or a toy for children that is only temporarily brought to life by a child's imagination? "

"In the photo "Rose is a Rose" there is a desert rose which is used to create a plaster form and the form is then again used to create a plaster cast of the desert rose. The point is that a desert rose is a variety of gypsum from which plaster is acquired. Meaning that a desert rose can reproduce on its own."

The photo "A Tree Stump" works with a formal substitution of a remainder of a cast-iron pillar, which is located in a thicket in Stromovka with a tree stump. The remainder of aesthetic values that are now probably long dead, a chopped down culture overgrown by weeds.

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