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The Act of Man

2010, Sculpture, Polyresin Marble, 191H x 80W x 80D cms

"Never could stand feminists . . ." Christiane continued when they were halfway up the hill. "Stupid bitches always going on about washing dishes and the division of labor; they could never shut up about the dishes. Oh, sometimes they'd talk about cooking or vacuuming, but their favorite topic was washing dishes. In a few short years, they managed to turn every man they knew into an impotent, whining neurotic. Once they'd done that, it was always the same story—they started going on about how there were no real men anymore. They usually ended up ditching their boyfriends for a quick fuck with some macho Latin idiot. I've always been struck by the way intelligent women go for delinquents, brutes and assholes. Anyway, they fuck their way through two or three, maybe more if they're really

pretty, and wind up with a kid. Then they start making jam from Marie Claire recipe cards. It's always the same story, I've seen it happen dozens of times."

"That's all in the past now," said Bruno in a conciliatory tone."

The Elementary Particles, Michel Houellebecq

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